Notice on Latest Requirements Applying for Health Code
2022-11-14 23:20

 With immediate effect, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya will issue health code according to requirements on this notice.

 I. Test Requirements

 Passengers traveling to China must take 1 PCR test within 48 hours before departure.

 The test report should contain specific information such as name, passport number, time of collection, time of report, stamp of the institution or signature of the doctor etc. Time must be measured to exact hour and minute. Please make sure your personal information on the report is correct.

 The Embassy will issue health code for both passengers who fly from Kenya to China via a third country (region) and those who fly from a third country (region) transiting in Kenya. Please ensure PCR test and health code application done within 48 hours before departure.

 Passengers who have COVID-19 infection history, close contact, suspected symptoms, or presumptive positive and equivocal close etc., can now apply for health code with 1 negative PCR test result taken within 48 hours before departure.

 II. Health Code Application

 Documents applying for health code:

 (i) PCR test report;

 (ii) Flight itinerary;

 (iii) Passport;

 (iv) Chinese visa or resident permit.

 Non-Chinese citizens can apply for health code via

 III. Additional Considerations

 Please strictly follow the requirements applying for health code. Applicants will bear any consequences arising from false personal information, lacking of documents, and late application etc.

 Please upload your documents as soon as you receive the test report, and make sure the documents are complete and accurate. Be patient with your application result, the Chinese embassy will review your documents in time. In case of emergency, please contact +254 719 235 543.

 The health code is only valid for Chinese mainland. If you are going to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan region or go to China via these regions, please consult local governments for relevant requirements.

 III. Recommended Testing Institutions

 i. Lancet Main Laboratories ( Opp.Traffic HQ, 5th avenue office suites, Fifth Ngong Ave, Nairobi; TEL: +254-703061000 )

 ii. Neobio Clinical laboratories Ltd. ( Likoni Lane, Off Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya; TEL: +254-796888222 )

 iii. Luton Medical Hospital ( Second floor, China Centre, Ngong road; TEL: +254-726510000/+254-711300900/ +254-746117537 )

 iv. Nairobi Hospital Anderson Center ( 00100, Argwings Kodhek Road 1st floor, Anderson Centre P O 30026, Nairobi; TEL: +254-730666860 )

 v. Kenyatta National Hospital ( Hospital Rd, Nairobi; TEL: +254-202726300 )

 vi. Aga Khan University Hospital ( Third Parklands Avenue, Nairobi; TEL: +254-203662000 ) 

 vii. Kenya Medical Research Institute ( Kilimani Mbagathi Rd HOUSE NUMBER 8, Nairobi; TEL: +254-20-2722541/+254-20-2713349/+254-722205901,transfer call to 2247 )

The Chinese Embassy in Kenya

November 14, 2022